Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Tile Distributors of America?
Tile Distributors of America has been in business since 1971. We serve all of the Wyoming Valley and surrounding communities. We are a distributor of fine porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble and granite tiles along with everything you may need to do your tile work. We offer a variety of different styles and colors to choose from along with different price levels of tile – from builder grade specials to top of the line hand-made specialty tiles. We believe strongly that our tile is better than the “big box stores” and we strive to give each customer personal service to the very end of each project.
Who installs the tile?
TDA does not install tile. If you wish to be your own contractor and install the tile yourself we will be glad to give you any advice you may need. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, we will recommend highly qualified and professional tile installers (providing that you purchase your tile from us). The tile installers we recommend will need to take a look at the scope of work you need completed and they will give you an estimate based on your information.
What is ceramic tile?
Ceramic tile is composed of special clays and other organic materials that are kiln fired at high temperatures to achieve the hard composition. It is usually coated with a thin film of vitreous material called glazing that is available in various colors. After glazing, the back of the tile is usually a reddish “clay” color. Ceramic tile is used for flooring, wall and countertop installations and is available in all shapes, sizes and colors.
What is porcelain tile?
Porcelain tile is made from porcelain clay that is more impervious to water absorption and is a much stronger tile than ceramic. It is still kiln fired at extremely high temperatures. There are two types of porcelain tile: Through-body(the color you see on the top of the tile is “through” the whole tile); and Glazed (same process as ceramic where the color is on the finish layer but the back of the tile will be white or grayish in color).
Where is a good place to use tile?
Tile is perfect for any room! There are numerous reasons to choose a tile for your flooring project. Ceramic or porcelain tile is so easy to maintain – dust mopping and occasional wet mopping is all that is required. There is a lot more design flexibility – such as colors, patterns, textures and styles to choose from – your options are endless! The initial cost of tile versus other surfaces may be slightly higher, but in the long run ceramic tile will outlast any other flooring in the market. Tile is one of the most durable flooring choices around and if there should be a problem, such as a cracked tile, it is very easy to repair. Customers here have used tile in their kitchens and bathrooms of course, but tile in the bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, foyers and garages is becoming very popular. There is even tile made especially for outdoor areas such as patios, sidewalks and porches!
Where does TDA's tile come from?
Tile Distributors of America is very proud to offer “MADE IN AMERICA” tile, along with tiles from all over the world, such as, Argentina, Italy, Spain, China, England and Turkey, just to name a few.
When is a good time to install tile?
Tile can be installed any time, providing the temperature of the area to be tile must remain above 50°F (10°C) for 72 hours; this includes outdoor areas as well.
Why does my tile always feel so cold?
Tile is actually the same temperature as the surrounding air. It holds warmth in a sunny room or cooler temperature in an air conditioned or cold room. Body temperature is usually warmer than the air, and this causes the tile to feel cool. You can make the tile and your room warmer by installing a heated floor system such as “WARM TILES.”
How do I begin to select tile for my room?
There are many ways you can start. Let’s take a kitchen for example… the easiest way to begin is to look for ideas in magazines and on the internet. Look at everything you can to get a sense of the style you would like to accomplish in your room. Clip out any magazine pictures you see or print pictures from the internet and start a project file. Next it is time to pick out your cabinets and countertop. Once these have been determined get samples! Samples are key to picking out your tile; bring them with you when you visit our showroom – they will help us help you! Also helpful is to bring along color samples of other room furnishings (curtains, paint, wallpaper) and a sketch of the space to be tiled indicating the approximate size of the area (this will help to determine amounts if you want a rough estimate of how much tile you will need).

Do you have a budget in mind? How much do you want to spend on your tile project? Knowing this will help us show you the proper type of tile for your project.

There really is no “right” or “wrong” decision to the tile you choose for your room – it all comes down to personal preference. Don’t be afraid to use a larger format tile for the floor; the less grout lines the better a room will look. Using a larger size floor tile will make your room appear larger. Kitchen backsplashes work well with 4×4, 6×6, 3×6 mosaics and large tiles as well. There are endless design options. It is very easy to mix-and-match various types of tiles such as ceramic with glass, natural stone with metals and different size tiles in a pattern. Shower wall tiles look great in larger format tiles (for example 13×13, 12×12, 8×10, 9×13 or 12×24) – the less grout lines in a shower, the easier to keep clean!

Why can't I change the finish on my ceramic or porcelain tile?
Ceramic tile is not made to be coated or refinished; as the saying goes “what you see is what you get.” The glaze on your tile is an impenetrable finish that make tile stain resistant. Unless the ceramic tile is unglazed, any time of way, sealer or finish will not adhere to the tile.
When can I expect my tile to arrive if it was "Special Order"?
Tile ordered through our specialty companies (those that are hand-made), may require a minimum of four to six weeks for arrival.